In commemoration of the 9/11 tragedy, Rumi Forum, its chapters and partners organized events in numerous states. Read more

Rumi Forum assisted with organizing the first Eid reception at the White House on October 14, 2014. Read more

The Rumi Forum honored their 2011 RUMI Peace and Dialogue Award honorees last evening at the National Press Club Ballroom in Washington DC. Read more


2nd Annual Suhoor Breakfast

Rumi Forum organized the second annual suhoor program in Washington, D.C on July 11th.┬áThe Suhoor took place at the Rumi Forum’s headquarters and there was a big interest for this early breakfast held at 3 am.



2015 Ramadan Iftar Series

The Rumi Forum continued its tradition in hosting a series of iftar dinners within the Holy month of Ramadan. This year, the Rumi Forum broke its 2014 record, with a total of 55 held dinners that occurred throughout the month. The organization brought together think tanks, government agencies, interfaith groups, embassies, members of local government, the media, academia and NGOs around the same table to break bread and share in conversation. In addition, the Forum introduced various cultural and home iftars during the month of July, including the South Asian, Arab and African-American Friendship dinners hosted at the American Turkish Friendship Association in Fairfax,Virginia.


Home Iftar with President of Rumi Forum

The Washington Post: Long, Hot Days Make Ramadan in the Summer Even Harder in Washington

By Roxanne Roberts–The Washington Post–July 5th, 2015

Ramadan is an intensely social, celebratory time not unlike the Christmas holiday season in the United States. Iftar dinners can be elaborate spreads; hosts compete for guests and throw impressive, sumptuous meals. Most Iftar dinners begin with dates and water, then can range from modest to magnificent.