Now not all of them by any means would want to be aggressive or even violent but some of them would be so angry or motivated that they would in their response and in the rebuke of this attack or this counter attack. I would suggested that we will be as aggressive as the people attacking us. And here you have the danger that you have three different categories, the dangers of course is if people looking at the Muslim community say this is a monolith, the Muslim world is a monolith, they are all alike and a lot the so called experts on the Islam create exactly that a monolith. Now this is absurd because Muslim constitutes something like one fourth of the human world’s population one out of four people. And there is such a variety of people even these three categories such a crude inadequate categorization. And to consider them as a monolith makes no sense at all and yet people do that. So the people are saying all Muslims are like sometimes they’ll tell me where are the moderates, there are no moderates in Islam. Why don’t the moderates speak up than they’re saying this to me 10 years after 9/11 and I give them examples of Pakistan where I come from originally, which is now going through the same tense period of almost self destruction in it’s own soul searching, where Muslims are killing Muslims, and yet in Pakistan 30,000 Pakistanis have died after 9/11 as a backlash of 9/11, American invasion of Afghanistan the backlash, the Taliban coming into the tribal areas at one point taking over [Swath] and in that effort to rig in the state 30,000 Pakistanis have lost their lives. And my wife comes from [Swath], several of her first cousins have been killed in this battle against the Taliban to reestablish modern Islam which is what their families believed in.

[IB] the most popular leader of Pakistan representing a Democratic Party now I don’t want to advocate politics or goodness as a politician or not I’m simply talking of her as a symbol of democracy, someone who believed in democracy rather than another form of government. Now she went back to Pakistan, she went back knowing that there would be serious attempts on her life she could have sat it out in Canaan or Paris or London and being a world celebrity and enjoyed it like she went back knowing that her life was in danger and gave her life to further the cause of democracy. So when someone tells me there is no moderate in Islam and moderates and there is no such thing as a moderate and the Muslim world it’s just lying on its back with violence and turmoil completely taking over that is just not correct, it’s not historically correct so again if you see the mosques here and the community here a similar kind of debate, a similar kind of tussle is taking place in the community.

Michelle: Maybe you could if we have a few moments how close are we to …

Person: [IB]

Michelle: We’re doing great okay, just to go into that in a little more detail you were saying one of the issues that I know that you wrote about in the, that you wrote about and also the book includes a questionnaire was trying to engage people about the question of democracy. So is there anything that you found notable in there I mean I know you mentioned here and there that some people, that that word is you know loaded for some people is that an important discussion and…?

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