Leil Shavu’ot and Suhoor

Tikkun Leil Shavuot, also known as “A Night of Jewish Learning,” is an opportunity to show that participants are ready to receive the Torah. Throughout the night, people will gather to study the sacred text, and facilitate a deeper connection with their faith. By staying awake during the anniversary of the Revelation, followers signal to the heavens that they are ready to receive blessings from above. In the morning, many share a Suhoor Meal to precede their Ramadan fast.

The Rumi Forum prides itself on its interfaith collaborations. We find it increasingly important to celebrate events in conjunction with the faith-based communities. There is no better way to connect with another by sharing the joy your faith brings. Often times, the prevailing commonalities which can bridge neighborhoods, are overshadowed by unfounded assumptions. Celebrate common points that everyone, regardless of race, gender, and sexuality can enjoy. By inspiring community dialogue, we hope to take another step forward in creating a peaceful, tolerant, environment for all to enjoy. 

Please take into consideration the length of our event. Leil Shavu’ot starts at 7:30 on May 19th and continues to May 20th. Feel free to come early on the 19th, or stay later on May 20th and join the Leik Shovu’ot celebrations!

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