Rumi Forum organized more than 50 home and organization iftars in the Mid-Atlantic region.Rumi Forum Washington DC and its chapters in Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Kentucky, and North Carolina  continued the tradition of hosting Ramadan iftar dinners to foster dialogue and friendship. More than 50 iftars were held in organizations and Turkish American homes. People government, media, think tanks, universities and NGOs with diverse backgrounds attended the dinners.

Reverend Nate Walker, Newseum at TAA+Rumi Forum Signature Iftar:

Imam Abdullah Antepli, Duke University at TAA+Rumi Forum Signature Iftar:

Arsalan Suleman, US State Department at TAA+Rumi Forum Signature Iftar:

Galen Carey, National Association of Evangelicals- 3rd Annual Rumi Forum #Suhoor July 2, 2016: