From November 28, 2018 to December 4, 2018, Rumi Forum organized a study trip to Australia.
Throughout the program, participants were able to analyze Australian policies, lifestyle, and minority communities. In addition, the study trip created the opportunity for participants to meet with civil society organizations, government officials, journalists, academicians and think-tank scholars, among others. Participants had a chance to compare policies and situations while enjoying a foreign country.

Institutions visited included:

Syndey Morning Herald newspaper
Parliament of Victoria.and members of Parliament
Victorian Multicultural Commision
University of Technology, Sydney
Federal Parliament House
Indigeous community members
Jewish Museum of Australia
Australian Interculural Society
Anglican bishop and local church
Amitty College
Affinity Foundation

Home dinners

As part of our downtime we did:
Tour of the Opera House
Manly and Bondi beaches
Sydney harbour tour
Paddy’s Market
Watson’s bay and Doyle’s seafood restaurant
National War Memorial
National Gallery of Australia
Modern Art Gallery