Rumi Forum held its 3rd Annual Suhoor on July 2, 2016In its third year Rumi Forum’s suhoor (the early breakfast) was held on July 2, 2016 at 2:30 am. As in previous years the event was well attended by Washingtonians. Reverend Galen Carey, National Association of Evangelicals and Aziz Ahmad from the office of US Representative Hank Johnson gave remarks.

Galen Cary began with addressing and sending condolences to the tragedies in bangladesh and istanbul, he discussed America’s god-given rights and freedom of religion, stating that, “our government has not chosen one religion.” He also mentioned his involvement with the NAE and wrapped it up with the significance of harmony between different faiths.

Aziz Ahmad talked about unity and the concept of minorities in recent times and mentioned how a community cannot exist without unity. He boldly stated, “When we all speak in one voice, we are not minor.” It is very important to be able to tolerate but also accept everyone and all communities should be advocating each other rather than themselves so that the word minority doesn’t have a meaning.