The Rumi Forum’s August 2008 intercultural trip to Turkey began on the 5th of August and concluded on the 12th of August. Group visited the following cities on the trip: Istanbul, Izmir, Kayseri and Cappadocia.  The group visited many sites in each of these cities among them Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia, Ephesus, Virgin Mary’s home, Cappadocia open air museum and many more.

Also, the group’s participants visited many of the schools of the Gulen Movement and sister organizations of the Rumi Forum such as Zaman Newspaper and the Journalists and Authors Foundation.  While at these visits participants were able to discuss the many facets of the Gulen Movement community and current events in Turkey.  Participants of the trip also experienced first hand Turkish culture in the homes of Turkish families and the many delights of fine Turkish cuisine.  The Rumi Forum would like to thank all of the participants of the trip for an unforgettable experience and we look forward to making many more unforgettable memories.

Day1, Istanbul

Day2, Istanbul

Day3, Istanbul & Izmir

Day4, Izmir – Ephesus

Day5, Kayseri – Cappadocia

Day6, Istanbul

Day7, Istanbul

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