“Ideas at their best when they interact.”

The Center for Faith, Identity, and Globalization (CFIG) is Rumi Forum’s interdisciplinary research and publication unit. Through Rumi Forum, CFIG hosts scholarly exchanges, engages fellows, creates publications, and generates media. CFIG contributes academically informed analysis that enriches public discourse and advances actionable work at the intersection of faith, identity, and globalization.


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To generate academically informed analyses and host scholarly exchanges that contribute to knowledge and research at the intersection of faith, identity, and globalization.


Enriched public discourse through independent and substantive scholarship.


Jacqueline Bucaro
Jacqueline Bucaro
Islam and the Latin American Diaspora:
Exploring Cultural Connections



Natalie Dolenga
Natalie Dolenga
Intersecting Interests in European and Mediterranean Relations

Director’s Corner

Mehmet Saracoglu, Ph.D.
Mehmet Saracoglu, Ph.D.
“Stay near to yourself”

For more information and to contribute to CFIG, please contact cfig@rumiforum.org and follow us on LinkedIn.