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A special evening crossing cultures is probably exactly what we need right now – and the music is pretty good too! Please welcome the Klezmer sounds of Lox & Vodka and the Afghani and Indian beats of Tabla for Two. Tabla for Two’s motto of “playing for peace” would probably be a good tagline for a show of healing music that will lift spirits and calm souls, promoting understanding and connection through music.


Lox & Vodka started because of their love of the music, the rich traditions, the wonderful holiday celebrations, and the deep spirituality Judaism offers. Klezmer music, which they define as Jewish soul music, has been in existence since the Middle Ages when klezmorim (itinerant musicians) would travel from shtetl (village) to shtetl to play for Jewish weddings and other celebrations. Today, Lox & Vodka travels from simcha to simcha where our horas are always action-packed, with your guests lifting the honorees high on chairs.  And we teach fun and simple Israeli folk dances, an incredibly memorable experience for everyone.

Learn more about Lox & Vodka at  and sample their music at


Tabla for Two is a unique duo consisting of Masood Omari and Abigail Adams Greenway. They play traditional and classical music from Afghanistan and India, old Bollywood favorites, as well as Omari’s original compositions, which blend classical Eastern beats with Western-style beats — a fusion of East and West that is mirrored in their own partnership. They call it “New Music for the New World.” 

Their music has been described as mesmerizing, energizing, transcendent, and healing. Masood is blessed with the remarkable skill of playing the tabla and singing at the same time, a feat that is generally seen as impossibly difficult. Masood is from Ghazni, Afghanistan. Abigail is from Erie, Pennsylvania. Learn more about Tabla for Two at  and sample their music at


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