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“From the secretive circles of Yemen’s ancient Sufi mystics to the Constantinople court of the Ottoman Sultans to the backstreets of Mercantile London, coffee has changed every society that fell under its heady sway. Abdul-Rehman Malik has spent a lifetime searching for the soul of coffee. Join us as we explore the culture, politics, spirituality and the extraordinary history of the world’s most second traded commodity – and learned how a humble bean – quite literally – changed the world.”


Abdul-Rehman Malik is an award winning journalist, educator and cultural organizer. A Lecturer and Associate Research Scholar at the Yale Divinity School, he also serves at the Program Coordinator at Yale University’s Council on Middle East Studies, and is responsible for developing curricula and partnerships with public schools to promote better cultural, language and religious literacy about the Middle East to educators and students alike. Abdul-Rehman also serves as Director of the Muslim Leadership Lab, an innovative student leadership program being incubated at the Dwight Hall Center of Social Justice at Yale. His work has spanned the UK, United States, Indonesia, Pakistan, Sudan, Mali, Morocco, Singapore, Canada, Malaysia and beyond.

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