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On May 16, 2024, Rumi Forum will have its monthly circle to study Abrahamic scriptures on “Spiritual Mentoring” with our study leader, Taalibah Hassan, from Dar al Noor Islamic Community Center.

Scriptural Reasoning (SR) allows Christians, Jews, and Muslims to study each other’s sacred texts. SR participants meet monthly to read short passages on a topic from their respective scriptures. Facilitated by a study leader, each session is an opportunity to listen and share various perspectives. SR sessions help participants reflect on a curious list of topics within the Abrahamic tradition. The result is often a deeper understanding of others and one’s scriptures and the development of strong bonds across faith communities.

              Scriptural Reasoning: Introduction                      Islamic Scripture: Quran


               Christian Scripture: New Testament               Jewish Scripture: Hebrew Bible



This Month`s Study Leader

Taalibah Hassan is an esteemed independent education professional and interfaith dialogue facilitator at Dar al Noor Islamic Community Center, whose dedication to fostering understanding and promoting education spans over three decades. Since 2007, Taalibah has been at the forefront of facilitating interfaith dialogue, catalyzing meaningful conversations across diverse communities. Whether collaborating with a team of facilitators or spearheading initiatives independently, Taalibah possesses the expertise and passion to organize and execute dialogues that bridge cultural and religious divides. In 2012, Taalibah earned a Graduate Certificate in Muslim/Christian Studies from the esteemed Washington Theological Consortium, further enriching her understanding of interfaith dynamics and strengthening her ability to foster meaningful dialogue.

Before her work in interfaith dialogue, Taalibah dedicated over thirty years to education within the Fairfax County Public Schools system. Her impact extended beyond the classroom, as she also served as a valued consultant, providing guidance and expertise to enhance science education at the high school level. Taalibah’s academic journey began at Howard University School of Education, where she pursued undergraduate and graduate studies, laying the foundation for her illustrious career in education and interfaith dialogue. Her academic achievements and unwavering dedication to promoting understanding and fostering dialogue exemplify Taalibah Hassan as a beacon of knowledge, compassion, and unity in today’s interconnected world.

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