ILF 2023 | 4th Forum


About the Interfaith Leadership Forum

Interfaith Leadership Forum (ILF) is a DMV area learning platform that aims to make the existing expertise, capacity, and scholarship on interfaith engagement available to the use of clergy, educators, public servants, and other interested individuals. The Forum is a partnership of the Interfaith Council of Metropolitan Washington, Rumi Forum, and Washington Theological Consortium.

ILF aims to promote pluralism by convening leaders of various religious, ethnic, racial, cultural, and gender backgrounds to exchange ideas and generate an action-oriented agenda. It provides a venue where a diverse group of community leaders, scholars, clergy, and public officials can engage in in-depth discussions on shared values and explore ways to harness them for social action. ILF is open to all individuals who are interested in advancing their interfaith literacy and serving the community as interfaith mobilizers in their professional or individual capacities.


Interfaith Leadership Forum aims to strengthen interfaith relationships, literacy, and leadership by;

  • Equipping one another with various models of dialogue with distinct ends.
  • Experiencing deeper levels of interfaith encounters and dialogue
  • Strengthening literacy about other’s faiths and about one’s own
  • Overcoming prejudices and misconceptions about other faiths
  • Eliciting social action through interfaith engagement