Rumi Forum partnered with the International Festival of Language and Culture to organize this year’s festival in Washington, D.C.


The International Festival of Language and Culture (IFLC) is an annual celebration that showcases the range of linguistic talents and cultural diversity from around the world. The purpose of the IFLC is to celebrate diversity and promote inclusion. It’s the living embodiment of respect, harmony and peace that can be achieved with the universal language of art, dance and music. IFLC started in 2003 with students from 17 countries. In 2015, 160 countries took part in the events across the world with more than 2000 participants. The festival is currently in its 15th year and will be showcasing talented and diverse youth across the globe under the theme of “Universal Compassion”

During the Washington, D.C. event more than 15 countries were represented including France, Ukraine, India, Albania, South Africa, and Paraguay.  The show consisted of more than 50 students preforming songs and dances among other various performances that showcased their talents and their countries. The event was held at the Mead Center in D.C. on Friday, May 26th. During the performers stay in the nation’s capital they were invited to receive recognition on the House floor at the US Congress. There, the students had the opportunity to meet several representatives and preform the festival’s signature song, ‘Universal Peace’. Representative Henry Cuellar (Texas) stated that, “In a world of conflict and despair, this special event shows that celebrating diversity and peaceful coexistence is possible and that we can come together around our shared humanity.”

The students as well condemned the recent London attack in their each individual language


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