turkish-classesIntensive Turkish Classes for Summer 2015

New Dates

March 30 – June 21.

12 weeks (30 hours) intensive program

Courses are offered at Levels 1 – 9.

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Learn Turkishin Washington, DC! Experienced teachers are offering Turkish Language Classes at the Rumi Forum in Washington DC. If you are looking for Turkish lessons in DC Metropolitan Area, Rumi Forum is the right place to begin. There are three terms in a year:

Turkish language classes are open to everyone who is interested in studying the turkish language.
The classes are arranged based on the number of students interested in at any level.
Our teachers are using a Turkish Language Book Set written in Turkish.

For the intensive program: A two and a half class per week and four classes in a month.

Intensive Turkish Classes for Summer 2015

New Dates: March 30 – June 21.12 weeks (30 hours) intensive program
Cost: $ 300
Text Book: $ 30
All levels 1-9 will be offered.For further queries and application form please email: turkish@rumiforum.org
Testimonials form Past Students

I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It helped me a lot. I learned a lot and had a lot of my doubts about the Turkish language cleared up. I have realized that I will be able to learn easily, thanks to our teacher.Likes – stick to the work, short breaks, always on task and at the end we always see some actual ways they use Turkish in society (commercials, songs etc…)I recommend this course to anyone who has a love for languages and Turkish. The class makes it easy to learn and it is just the right amount of work for someone who works full time.JoshuaAgain, I very much enjoyed the class – I felt that the book and the teacher took us very regularly and reliably through the information, proceeding fast enough that we learned a lot and I was not bored, but not so fast that I couldn’t follow and keep up with the material.I liked the book and the teacher – the repetition of the book is good, and I like how vocabulary is introduced in context, instead of in lists we’re supposed to memorize.I look forward to taking a higher level class and to learning more Turkish!(Would you recommend this course to others? why?) Yes, definitely! It’s a very good way to learn Turkish! And I appreciate the atmosphere – the semicircular table arrangement facilitates conversation and the tea and snacks are very thoughtful!ElizabethMy impressions were very positive; the course book was well-organized and taught the information in a fairly logical format. Additionally, the exercises were useful in that they employed relevant vocabulary and repetition to help lessons stick.I think our teacher worked great with us–he worked around our schedules, was responsive before, after, and outside of class, and provided great weekly summaries of concepts learned. This was key to me, as my work schedule can at times be challenging.(Would you recommend this course to others? why?) Absolutely, and I have. It is an excellent, affordable option for professionals.HanneI loved it, the teacher is extremely generous and helpful, and the new textbook is excellent.(Will you consider taking a higher level course?) Yes, definitely.It meets exactly the right number of times and hours per week for a working adults to fit into his or her schedule.I have already recommended it to many people and will continue to do so. The Rumi forum is an excellent ambassador for Turkish culture and language.


My overall impression was that it was a great course. I feel I learned a lot.

I am planning on taking the next Turkish course when it is offered.

I really, really liked the focus on grammar and the building blocks of the language.

I would definitely recommend this course.


I had a great experience.

The course is very well organized and the textbook is very good. The instructor is very professional and patient. The location is also very convenient.

(Would you recommend this course to others? Why?) Yes, I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in learning Turkish in a very comfortable environment and balanced pace of learning.


The class was great.

It is nice to have the small class size and be able to ask a lot of questions. I also really like the expressions we learn, the readings in the book, and the commercials and music videos. I feel like these are elements a lot of evening/adult language classes don’t offer.

(Would you recommend this course to others? Why?) Yes, definitely, for the reasonable price and convenient location.


I enjoyed the class very much. There was enough personal attention and I greatly enjoy the conversational style of learning with some homework mixed in. I feel like this is best at least in the higher level courses. This was exactly the type of Turkish course I envisioned when I signed up for the class.

I would absolutely consider taking a higher level course if it was offered.

I enjoyed the videos and other media which was presented at the end of each class. It was a good way to solidify concepts we had just learned with actual examples of Turkish speech/media. I always have enjoyed translating songs as well.

I would highly recommend this course to others who have a desire to learn Turkish and have a love of Turkish culture. The course is a perfect blend of both. There was a personal attention I felt during this course which I haven’t had before in other language classes. Additionally, tea was provided during every class.


The Turkish classes were an excellent language learning experience. As a foreign language teacher and translator, I mostly took the course for the intellectual exercise involved in learning a new language.

3. The step-by-step method, building on a solid foundation was very helpful as Turkish, being agglutinating, has a very different structure from the languages I am familiar with. The music and tea were welcome extras.

(Would you recommend this course to others? Why?) Yes, I would definitely recommend the course to others.


I love the classes taught by Our instructor. I learn so much in these classes, and feel my Turkish is improving with each class.

(Would you recommend this course to others? Why?) Yes, definitely.

The teacher is what makes the class so good. Our instructor is an experienced language teacher who really seems to enjoy teaching. He always seems in a good mood as he teaches any level student. Our instructor never seems impatient with questions, and often uses questions to teach us more about Turkish culture. He uses structured lesson plans which build on each other, which to me is an excellent way to learn, practice and review. We learn a lot. If you miss a class, you have missed a lot of material, but with the structured lessons you can make up what you missed. Our instructor also follows each class with an email summarizing what we learned that week, and including links and narratives of the multimedia used at end of each class. This is very helpful to review each class and to make sure you have learned the key points. You can also follow the links to the songs or videos, to listen to them again and again to better train your ear to understanding spoken Turkish, especially as used in popular culture.

The classes are not easy, and I don’t want them to be. Our instructor makes you work through a lot of material each class with instruction and practice, homework each week, and has periodic quizzes throughout the term. The result is you learn a lot! It is well worth the investment of your time and money.

Our instructor also uses multimedia, sharing Turkish songs, commercials, flash cards and films as a way to further understand the Turkish language and culture. I particularly like the call out boxes for useful expressions and new vocabulary in each chapter of the book. I love learning the useful, everyday expressions which you don’t find in any dictionary. Having one review chapter at end of semester was also very helpful. I think the new flash cards are also very good, as they help us practice speaking with each other.

I also like that the class meets only once per week but for 2.5 hours. This works well with my schedule and gives focused, in-depth time to learn a lot in each class. The tea break during class is also a welcome touch, and allows us to get to know the other students better.

(Would you recommend this course to others? Why?) Yes, absolutely. Our instructor is a superb teacher. If you want to learn Turkish, you will learn it…and have an enjoyable time doing it. With seven levels of classes, and a placement test before you start, you will be placed in the correct level to begin or continue your learning.


The course was well structured, interactive, and enjoyable. My Turkish improved tremendously. Thank you!

Since this was a “building block”, beginner class, I liked the complimentary material provided, the quizlets, the videos, etc. They were a welcome addition to the textbook.

(Would you recommend this course to others? Why?) Yes, especially to people who learn better in a structured environment. Each week had a clear attainable goal. The classes are logical, well-structured, and enjoyable. Also, the Rumi Forum is excellent and gracious hosts!


I really enjoyed the Turkish class, especially the more conversational aspect of it and getting to know the other students.

I like how Our instructor discusses Turkish culture, expressions and shows us commercials at the end of every class. I also like how he encourages everyone to answer questions so that we can hear different viewpoints.

(Would you recommend this course to others? Why?) Yes, I would. I think it is a great way to learn Turkish and to meet others that have a similar interest.


It is a high-quality course run extremely well.

(Will you consider taking a higher level course?) Yes, absolutely.

I like the structure of the class, the variety of methods, the mix of writing, listening, and speaking, and even the food generously offered by the instructors. The workbooks are the best available and the videos chosen by the instructors are excellent. Every aspect of the course is high quality

(Would you recommend this course to others? Why?) Yes, I would recommend it without reservation as the best group-based Turkish-language course available in Washington, DC.


This was my first time taking Turkish classes with Rumi Forum. I am really thankful to the Rumi Forum for making it possible to take Turkish classes at the heart of DC. The course is very well organized, the class environment is just perfect for language classes, all my classmates were young professionals and very enthusiastic about learning the language.

I look forward to taking higher level Turkish language courses with Rumi Forum. It is very convenient location and great way to learn the language with native speaker of Turkish Language.

I really like the combination of textbooks, and multimedia usage.

I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in Turkish language and Turkish culture, especially those fulltime professionals working in DC who would like to learn Turkish or learn about Turkish culture. Rumi Forum is located in the heart of DC and the coursework with Turkish tea and pastry makes it more like a break from office work.


The Turkish 7 course was challenging. It pushed me to learn Turkish at a high level of standards. The presentations were new to Turkish 7 and something that I rather enjoyed.

I will consider taking a higher course.

I liked the comfortable atmosphere to which I have been accustomed at Rumi Forum through previous Turkish instruction there. I also enjoy the Turkish cultural aspects that are brought into class discussion and learning, including being offered çay (tea) and traditional sweets and foods, learning Turkish proverbs and idioms, and watching Turkish commercials at the end of class.

I would definitely recommend this course to others! It is a great place to learn Turkish. The Turkish course instructor, Our instructor, is a highly practiced and well-accomplished teacher who is very passionate about passing on Turkish language skills to others. The class atmosphere is very warm and inviting, strict in terms of weekly workbook assignments and a final exam.


The course was well organized and well conducted. Each class reviewed past lessons and built upon the previous lectures which provided good continuity from week to week.

The culture that was brought out through the language was the best part. Our instructor always related what we were learning to some real part of Turkey or some history as to where some language came from.


Very good atmosphere, very good teaching method.


Very Professional. Well put together. informative.


This was a course focusing on the fundamentals of Turkish. There was much time devoted to an explanation of and the practicing of basic principles of Turkish grammar and structure. Additionally, there was time devoted to aspects of Turkish culture as they arose. Frequently, Turkish television commercials were used both to change the pace of the class and to develop listening comprehension skills.The instructor’s presentation of the grammatical concepts was always clear and to the point. We had numerous written opportunities to practice the principles that had been introduced, absolutely essential to assimilating the fundamentals of a language as suffix-rich as Turkish. As a native speaker of Turkish, the instructor had complete control of his own language while also possessing an outstanding knowledge of English, allowing him to explain the concepts in terms that native speakers of English could easily comprehend. He was extremely patient at all times and unceasingly polite, considerate, understanding, and helpful. Providing us all on a regular basis with cookies, tea, and assorted other Turkish delicacies, he was the epitome of Turkish hospitality.Yes, I would definitely recommend the course to others. The teacher is a knowledgeable instructor, understands both his subject and his students, and does a very good job of creating a comfortable, non-threatening environment in the classroom. This is essential to successful foreign language instruction.RichardThe small class sizes offered by Rumi Forum foster an excellent learning environment with personalized attention and maximized participation. And the course instructor teaches not only the Turkish language—he also teaches about Turkish culture, the linguistic origins of certain words, and many helpful idioms and famous proverbs.I greatly enjoyed the small class size and the course instructor’s teaching skills.Yes, I would highly recommend this course to others. The price is very fair, the teaching quality is outstanding, and the class environment is very attentive and enables learning. We even get tea and snacks at every class!Kristen

This is a wonderful foundations class that sets the right tone between language learning and cultural learning. I loved the pace and the class participation. I thought it was perfect.
I absolutely want to continue to the next level class. I loved the teacher and how well he explained everything. Always very clear and logical, always time for questions and making sure everyone understands before moving forward. At the same time, keeping up an appropriate pace of progress.
I would totally recommend this class to anyone and think it’s a great way to learn a new language and meet other people that have the same goals. Really looking forward to the next session when it begins!


My impressions were very positive. I think we learned a lot in a short period of time without it seeming overly burdensome. I found the homework to be quite manageable, but useful in learning the language. I liked having class once per week, as it was easier to fit in to my schedule.
Likes: fast pace, focus on speaking early on rather than just memorizing vocabulary words, opportunity to speak in class
I think we learned a lot at a manageable pace for a good price.


Great course.
It’s once a week, so I can still have a life.
A lot of homework, but doable if once a week.
Great instructor.
Plenty of interaction.
Good groups of people taking these courses.
Rumi Forum creates a nice learning environment.
I would definitely recommend it to others. There are very few places in DC that teach
Turkish and this one has more to offer than just Turkish instruction.


I found the course extremely informative and has provided me so far with good grounding in the Turkish language to continue on in learning the language. The pace of learning is also well balanced. The homework load, going over the homework in class, and the instructor’s personable skills allowing students to ask questions about language and culture is an added value.
I like the instructor’s pace in teaching. He goes over homework, provides ample time for questions and discussion, and then there is still more time to learn new material each week.
Yes I would recommend this class to others. I learned a lot in only the first introductory course, the class size is perfect which allows for more interaction with the instructor, and the instructor is extremely friendly.


I have learned more through these courses than the month I spent in Turkey taking language courses every day 3 hours a day.
Our instructor is an outstanding language instructor; his delivery method of the curriculum is very effective! I’d like to continue my Turkish language courses with him.
[Would you recommend to others?] But of course! …also because it’s exceedingly difficult to find good Turkish language instructions anywhere else in town.


My impressions of the Turkish course was that it was a good introduction to the Turkish language. The cost was very reasonable, compared to average tuition costs in Washington D.C. There was a small class size, which contributed to student learning, and allowing the instructor to spend more one-on-one time with each student. The book we used was well-written, and was more interactive than simple rote memorization. Additionally, our instructor was available by email for additional language practice.
What I liked best about the course was the small class size and informal atmosphere.
I would recommend to others who want a short, introductory class in Turkish, and dislike the rigid formality of a school classroom. In addition to Turkish language, it is a good introduction to Turkish culture as well as a place to meet other DC area residents interested in learning about Turkey.


Good for adult learners – time, place, and flexibility
Likes: teaching style, teacher sympathy and encouragement, textbook, small class size, dedicated students, and delicious food


Why Learn Turkish?

The idea of learning Turkish is strange for most American learners; but that rapidly changes to a sense of excitement as soon as the career opportunities and adventure of Turkey are discovered. Its central connections to Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and the Middle East make doing business in Turkey a necessity.

Since pre-historic times, Turkey has been the vital bridge between Europe and the Middle East. Its mighty Ottoman Empire consolidated much of Eastern Europe and the Middle East into one great civilization until the early 20th century. The flavor of Turkish culture is richly cosmopolitan, a sophisticated mix of ancient traditions in a contemporary Geist.

For Americans, Turkey’s liberal political and intellectual climate bridging East and West, traditional and modern, is a comforting environment. Learning Turkish gives access to many new opportunities for business, scientific and technological research, and for scholarship and journalism. Currently, students in Turkey are learning English at a record rate, while few Americans learn Turkish: to offset that imbalance of skill and opportunity, there is great need for Americans to meet the creative challenge of learning Turkish.