Rumi Forum Fellowship Program

In 2013 the Rumi Form announced a new program, the Rumi Forum Fellowship Program. Select DC-based scholars traveled to Turkey as part of there research to meet with NGOs, Government, Media, University and Think tank scholars and business people. As a requirement of the program, the Fellows were required to complete a 4000-word paper on one aspect of Turkey as it related to their current research. In 2016 Thailand, Cambodia, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan were added to the program. We hope that such works add to the important scholarship surrounding these countries. Below are the works of the Rumi Forum Fellows.

The papers do not reflect the views of the Rumi Forum or its executives or staff.

2014 Papers

  1. Historical explanations to Lack of Human Rights Reform in Turkey | Khatera Alizada, PhD Candidate, Old Dominion University
  2. Marginalized Urban Spaces and Heterotopias: An Exploration of Refugee Camps | Anthony Justin Barnum, Visiting Assistant Professor, Dickinson College
  3. Reevaluating the Democratic Nature of Secularism in Modern Turkey | James Kennefick, PhD Candidate, Catholic University of America
  4. From Prime Minister to President Erdogan: The Election of an Authoritarian | Jessica Atlas, PhD Candidate, American University
  5. The Role of Domestic Political Gamesmanship on Turkey’s Unpredictable Foreign Policy | Fouad Pervez, PhD Candidate, Georgetown University
  6. Civil Society Expansion In Turkey Leadership Styles In Three Organizations | Rachel Kennedy, PhD Candidate, Virginia Tech University

2013 Papers

  1. Turkey: Gatekeeper of East and West | Mitchell T Zink, PhD Student, Catholic University of America
  2. Conceptualizing Hizmet | Annabel Hertz, PhD Student, American University
  3. The Hizmet Movement and Social Movement Theory | Heather Marie Brown, Researcher, George Mason University
  4. A Comparison of Democratic Consolidation in Indonesia and Turkey | Raja M Ali Saleem, PhD Student, George Mason University
  5. The Gulen Movement and its Role in Turkish Civil and Political Society | Walter Ratlif, PhD Student, Georgetown University
  6. Presidents versus Parliaments | Paula Ganga, PhD Student, Georgetown University
  7. Decentralization and the Legacy of Turkish-Arab Separation after World War I | Kate Danies, PhD Student, Georgetown University
  8. General Observation of Leadership Themes in Turkey by Marie Farley | Marie Farley, PhD Student, Catholic University of America