Everything that frankly I have been asking for over the last eight years and saying we are under resourcing you are not paying attention, they are delivering, in reality they are putting all of these things into place, but that has come just at the moment when the American population is basically forgetting about Iraq and starting to pay attention to Afghanistan has woken up and said, my God like that congress woman I mentioned at the beginning, my God this place is a hell, what are we doing here?  Troops are dying.  Why are we even in Afghanistan can someone remind me?  You know, 9/11 eight years ago.  Wasn’t that about a rock, I mean you know, there are so many things that have happened over the last eight years that have distracted people from the importance of the region and there is to many steps to the argument about why Afghanistan and Pakistan remain so central to our national interests that the population suddenly looks at this in bewilderment and frankly because the Bush administration was saying for you know, 7 years oh success, success, it wasn’t until the last year the Bush administration that they started to acknowledge that things were going badly and so they woke up to something that they thought had been essentially solved to find out that it is our worse foreign policy crisis and so this election moment coming at this time is so perfectly fits into the you know, every conflict is Vietnam in United States after Vietnam.  Every single conflict that we have been engaged in whether it was Panama or more aptly Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia are always compared to Vietnam, but you know, Afghanistan is doing a pretty good job of making that comparison seem pretty salient when you have this President and you are stealing elections, his brother is rumored to be a drug kingpin.  So I really do believe that the selection crises does feed in to the debate and basically making it not a debate about sort of micro, improvements in our strategy to making it an entire debate about should we be there at all, should we be doing something else.  Should we be zapping someone from unmanned drones in the sky instead of having our troops on the ground.  It has enabled the debate to expand I think very rapidly and into a dangerous territory.

Speaker 1: Okay do we have time for one more, no okay I think we are going to close and this has been really, really enlightening, I very much appreciate, we all do, your being here and giving us your insights.  So on behalf of the Rumi Forum, I would like to just, everybody clap again.

Speaker 2: Thank you, my pleasure.

Speaker 1: Yes thank you very much.