Interviewer:    There’s also some debate on the ugly vegetables.

Interviewee:    Yes, yes, yes, the quality.

Interviewer:    Quality.

Interviewee:    The sufficient quality if they are weird looking.

Interviewer:    Yeah.

Interviewee:    So, there are all sorts of rules and regulations.  So when a country starts, the EU will have a certain number of rules.  Most countries have spent anywhere from 7-10 years negotiating.  By the time they get there, the EU has many more regulations.  A few years ago, we were talking about 80 thousand pages.  We are now talking about over 100 thousand pages.  If you are an applicant, you have to go with the EU and adopt all those new regulations, so it’s a very difficult and lengthy process.  Turkey has opened what are called chapters.  There are 35 or 36 chapters, and Turkey has opened 10 of those.  It has finished one, but my understanding is this is not formally signed off them.  The difficulty with the chapters and the chapters are on things like environmental policy, financial services.  There are a few chapters like economic and monetary union that are specific to membership, and I’ll come to those in a minute.  But, you must receive to open a chapter all the member states, must agree that you can open that chapter, and then all the member states must agree that you can finish that chapter, so one member state can be a block.

Interviewer:    Unanimity?

Interviewee:    Unanimity on this.

Interviewer:    Is what you mean, yeah.

Interviewee:    Bringing a new member in is one of the most important decisions that the union makes.  And it has not always been easy, not just for Turkey.  Let me say a couple of general things, and then say where we are specifically.

Interviewer:    Sure.