The Rumi Forum presented “Cities of Light: The Rise and Fall of Islamic Spain” Film Screening and Discussion with the cooperation of The Middle East Institute, Unity Productions Foundation, and Public Agenda

Participants enjoyed the movie. Afterwards, attendees broke into five groups and discussed with facilitators the highlights of the film. The Rumi Forum would like to thank our friends at 20,000 Dialogues, The Middle East Institute and Public Agenda for co-hosting this event.

Cities of Light: the Rise and Fall of Islamic Spain is a 45 minute documentary of high culture and high drama filled with vital history and contemporary relevance. Its major theme centers on the way in which followers of the three great Abrahamic traditions—Jews, Christians, and Muslims—interacted, blended, and flourished, yet ultimately faltered in Medieval Spain as the forces of extremism tore it apart. This film has been utilized by hundreds of teachers and community organizers for dialogue on Islam, globalization, and tolerance. Join us to watch this thought-provoking film and participate in a dialogue on the contemporary importance of Islamic Spain.