Rumi Forum


Rumi Forum was founded in 1999 with the mission to foster interfaith dialogue and intercultural understanding. It has since been a leading institution where faith leaders, scholars, and laypeople connect and strive to advance interfaith engagement. The Forum enhances the impact of interfaith efforts for the greater good by bridging the gaps among these stakeholders and mobilizing their work.


Rumi Forum works towards strengthening a culture of peace, pluralism, and social harmony among faith communities and individuals of diverse backgrounds and worldviews. We strive to achieve this overarching goal by building, informing, and mobilizing an active interfaith dialogue community. Our work involves;

  • Building relationships by facilitating person-to-person understanding through religious literacy programs, wherein diverse faith groups learn about one another, build rapport, and engage in lasting dialogue.
  • Offering learning opportunities through substantive speaker events, book talks, and panel discussions that feature renowned scholars and practitioners.
  • Mobilizing leaders by fostering the exchange of knowledge and experience among leaders from all faiths through workshops, mutual learning opportunities, and academic publications.


An inclusive, cohesive, and empowering society where differences are celebrated and human potential prospers.


  • We hold human dignity as the core of our work.
  • We believe in the inherent value of dialogue.
  • We remain open to new perspectives.
  • We trust in the power of grassroots initiatives.
  • We warmly welcome, respect, and engage all.


LOGORumi Forum’s logo depicts both the spiritual energy and unique wisdom of whirling dervishes. It’s composed of a vibrant typeface and a welcoming green color, amounting to be timeless yet young, representing the shades of life.

Rumi Forum is a member of the Alliance for Shared Values (AfSV) and the Mid-Atlantic Platform (MAP).