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Rumi Forum, Interfaith Council of Metropolitan Washington, and Washington Theological Consortium present the 3rd Interfaith Leadership Forum: From Uncertainty to Engagement: Interfaith Resistance to Christian Nationalism and White Supremacyon February 24, 2022.


Purpose Statement:

Religious nationalism is on the rise worldwide. In the U.S., it has primarily taken the form of White Christian Nationalism: the affiliation of being White and Christian with belonging and mattering in this country. Our program will explore the nature of global nationalism and its specific manifestation in the U.S. We will hear from an expert who has been studying this trend for over thirty years, followed by a panel of diverse faith leaders who will share their views on building interfaith solidarity to resist the White Supremacist Christian ideology threatening our nation. This program is a forum for people of faith to learn, become activated, and feel equipped to respond together effectively.


Program Outline:

Opening Remarks
Rev. David Lindsey, Executive Director, Interfaith Council of Metropolitan Washington (IFC)


“The Capitol Insurrection and the Global Rise of Religious Nationalism”
Dr. Mark Juergensmeyer, Founding Director of the Orfalea Center of Global and International Studies at the University of California Santa Barbara


Panel Presentations
Moderated by Rev. David Lindsey, IFC

“The Interfaith Imperative”
Rabbi Jack Moline – President, Interfaith Alliance

“Doctrine of Discover, Manifest Destiny and Christian Nationalism: Nothing New.”
Charles Watson Jr. – Director of Education, Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty

“The Pro-Democracy Faith Movement”
Maggie Siddiqi – Senior Director, Religion and Faith, Center for American Progress

“Religious Liberty and the Shortfall of Advocacy”
Simran Singh – Vice Chairman, IRF (International Religious Freedom) Secretariat


Breakout Session
Main Points – A summary by the panelist
Discussion round – Introduction and reflection by each participant
Action item round – Action item proposals by each participant


Closing Session
Moderated by Rev. David Lindsey
• Reporting of breakout sessions
• Closing remarks


IFCMWRumi Forum presents this event as a collaborating partner of the Interfaith Council of Metropolitan Washington (IFCMW) during the 3rd Annual World Interfaith Harmony Week in the DMV. We are glad that this session of our monthly Scriptural Reasoning program coincides with the annual worldwide observance during the month of February 2022.

The Forum would like to thank you to our sponsor DC Mayor’s Office of Religious Affairs.

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