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Rumi Forum and FocusMusic are delighted to present “Tabla For Two”: a unique duo consisting of Masood Omari and Abigail Adams Greenway.

Tabla for Two performs traditional and classical music from Afghanistan and India, old Bollywood favorites, as well as Omari’s original compositions, which blend classical Eastern beats with Western-style beats – a fusion of East and West that is mirrored in their own partnership.

This special performance will feature select poems from Rumi, the great 13th-century mystic, poet, and jurist whose message of love, compassion, and mercy continues to inspire millions today. The event will be an opportunity to learn more about Rumi’s legacy and core teachings as we reflect on some of his highlight lines before each song.

If you are interested in having a remarkable experience with Rumi’s radiant message to embrace the East and the West, join us as we host Tabla for Two – an Afghan and an American singing his lines with authentic instruments and an unquestionably unique style!

Abigail Adams Greenway and Masood Omari

Tabla for Two

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