The 9th Annual DMV Interfaith Leadership Summit


Building Resilience in Our Communities and in Ourselves

On Saturday, February 29, Rumi Forum co-sponsored the 2020 DMV Leadership Summit, hosted by the Interfaith Council of Metropolitan Washington. This year Interfaith Leadership Summit explored “Building Resilience in our Communities and in Ourselves” and questioned how we could contribute to, cultivate and support resilience in ourselves, our society and each other.  Participants aged between 18-39 coming from various spiritual, religious or non-religious affiliations joined the event at Foundry United Methodist Church.

Intended as a gathering place and learning opportunity for young people in the greater DC area, this year’s event featured networking, workshops led by youth experts and an open mic session! While the Summit has typically been held during the day, this year, it was held on a Saturday evening this year both to avoid scheduling conflicts as a result of religious obligation and to facilitate an atmosphere that is social, dynamic and exciting for folks both new and old to the interfaith community.