The Rumi Forum presented “Impossible with you …and impossible without you: Dialogue challenges between Israelis and Palestinians” with Dr. Khansaa Diab, Lecturer, pedagogic instructor and teacher trainer, David Yellin College of Education in Jerusalem.

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Dr. Khansaa Diab gives a brief explanation about “dialogue,” that is one of the approaches to bring people together in order to know each other, to give them the space to talk and discuss even very urgent and difficult issues. She points out that since the second Entefada it is difficult to bring people to interfaith projects. Dr. Diab says she is aware of people’s frustration of attending interfaith programs, because they believe nothing has changed on the ground so far.

Dr. Diab poses this question that people’s frustration as well as difficulties in front of dialogue programs makes interfaith leaders and facilitators to think about this question whether to continue dialogue programs or not. Since Dr. Diab and her team have been engaged in a long-term and well-planned project, they observed that people are willing to continue for more sessions. Palestinians and Israelis believe probably there is no alternative for meeting the “others” in a safe place, and professional and productive environment. Read More.

Dr. Khansaa Diab is a lecturer and pedagogic instructor and teacher trainer at the David Yellin College of Education in Jerusalem, Israel. She is currently a Humphrey fellow at Education College at Penn State University. Her major research interests are dialogue between Palestinians and Jews in Israel, Issues in the Arabic Educational system. she is involved in peace education in the Palestinian-Israeli context at all levels – teaching, lecturing, writing, researching, evaluating, participating and mediating in workshops.

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