Rumi Forum’s Fairfax Chapter welcomed guests at Ramadan Iftar Dinner.




From 26 to 28th September, Rumi Forum’s Fairfax Chapter and ATFA organized three Iftar dinners. It is a tradition to invite guests to breaking fast dinners and celebrate Iftar (ending of a daily fast ) under the roof of Ramadan Tent, which is always open to everybody. Distinguished guests such as Del. Mark D. Sickles, Del. Adam Ebbin, and  American University Professor Mohamed Nimer, who visited Rumi  Forum’s Iftar Tent, addressed public emphasizing significance of such intercultural events. Each night visitors to the Iftar Tent had many opportunities to meet new friends, to become familiar with different cultures and to enjoy free meals and after-dinner entertainment.
Rumi Forum Fairfax Chapter welcomed guests at Ramadan Iftar Dinner

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