Emre Celik is currently the President of the Rumi Forum, Washington DC – an organization dedicated to social harmony, intercultural and interfaith dialogue issues covering themes of pluralism, social cohesion, democracy, and peacebuilding.

Emre has been interviewed by the New York Times, Washington Post, Washington Times and numerous media outlets in Europe and Australia. Most recently he was interviewed by ABC Radio His writing has appeared in Fox News, Duke and Oxford Universities’ IslamiCommentary and the Huffington Post. He regularly speaks at universities and was a participant of a roundtable at Harvard University looking at issues surrounding Muslim Americans. The Rumi Forum in October 2014 helped organize the first-ever White House Eid reception where Emre provided opening remarks. Emre was also one of a small group of guests when President Obama made his first visit to a US Mosque. Emre currently sits on the FBI’s Arab Muslim Sikh Advisory Council (AMSAC) in Washington DC.

While in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne, Emre was involved in numerous community-based interfaith and education projects. He was on the Melbourne Advisory Committee, Parliament of World Religions and the Victoria Police Multifaith Council. In September 2016 Emre received the UTS (University of Technology, Sydney) Alumni award for community service. He has a degree in Computer Engineering and a Masters in Teaching. He is a Ph.D. candidate at the Centre for Islamic Studies and Civilisation (CISAC), Charles Sturt University.

Emre regularly speaks on issues of pluralism and diversity, interfaith and intercultural understanding, Muslims Americans and the Islamic world especially in regards to current issues in Turkey.