The Rumi Forum & The Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies at Christopher Newport University presented Symposium: “Denouncing  Violence in the Name of GOD”.

The program started by the welcome speech by director of Rumi Forum Sitki Ozcan. He talked about the Rumi Forum, and emphasized the importance of these kind of events in order to achieve the peaceful co-existence. Then he introduced the key note speaker of the Dr. Tamara Sonn.

Dr. Sonn pointed out how to understand the message of the saints like Mevlena Jelaleddini Rumi. Than she gave examples from every religious tradition how did they used their own religious tradition for their own political ambition.

The Program continued with the case if Christianity. Mrs. Barbara Hughes, presented “Shedding the burdens of past through Grace”. Dr. Joseph Prud’homme, presented  “Christianity, Grace and the Problem of Violence”. Dr. Steven Strehle, presented “Following the Literal Message of the New Testament”.

Afternoon panels started by the case of Islam. Dr. Hussam Timani, presented “Violence in the Name of Allah”. Dr. Ismail Acar, presented “Jihad in Quran a Semantic Approach to Jihad”. Dr. Cuneyt M Simsek, presented “Maintaining Peace and Fighting with Terror”.

The last panel was the case of Judaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism. Dr. Lawrence Forman, presented “A Glimpse to the Jewish Heart”. Dr. Graham Schweig, “Ahimsa as an Expression of Divine Love”. Dr. John Thompson, “Is Buddhism Really a Religion of Peace”.


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