Rumi Forum and Gulen Institute jointly organized Youth Platform Award Ceremony in Washington DC on April 2-4 2014.

Thirty finalists from around the world gathered in Washington, DC to discuss their essays and participate in the Youth Platform Award Ceremony jointly organized by Rumi Forum and the Gulen Institute.  The finalists took a trip to Washington DC for the award ceremony, which began at Georgetown University. Dr. Tom Gage, co-chair of the youth platform, led the students in a discussion of this year’s prompt: “What role should state and non-profit agencies play in the education of disadvantaged youth who are not realizing their potential?” Students presented their essays to their academic peers, and together they discussed the role of state and NGO’s in the education of disadvantage students.

Angelia Ysobel Miranda from Washington took first place for her essay: ” Interconnectedness in School Reform: Integrating the Uniqueness of Each Child”.  Chae Yoon Jang from South Korea received second place for her essay: ” In Pursuit of Prestige: Scholastic Struggles, Sacrifices and Success”. Raymond Gachungi from Kenya won third prize for his essay: “Involving Parents in Education: Role of the Kenyan Government and Non-Profit Agencies”. The award ceremony was held at Rayburn HOB.

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