Below is the Rumi Forum’s statement on the current executive order issued by the Trump administration banning the travel from seven Muslim-majority countries. (January 31st, 2017)

Homegrown and international terrorism are serious threats to countries and people around the world.  We strongly believe that every nation should take steps to enhance the safety and security of their people.  Making America safe should always be a high priority for our government. 
We support actions taken by the US government to secure the safety of the people within its borders, provided that they are compatible with the Constitution and democratic norms, and they do not undermine fundamental U.S. values, and our partnerships with people around the world who join us in seeking to end violence and achieve peace.  As Muslims in many nations share our desire to end violence and build peace and are themselves the victims of lawless violence, we support measures that strengthen our bonds with those who would be our partners in peace.
However, the temporary travel ban from seven Muslim-majority nations, including extremely vetted refugees, and the indefinite suspension of refugee admissions for victims in Syria is not the most productive way of achieving that goal. 
America’s history of building a strong and resilient democracy is proof that admitting peoples of different cultures, and maintaining rule of law and security, are not necessarily mutually exclusive. Indeed, what makes our nation powerful is the ability to embrace people from all races, ethnicities, and religions. Since the first pilgrims landed at Plymouth almost 400 years ago, those who were persecuted at their respective homelands have found refuge in America. Those wonderful traditions must continue to be cherished and preserved.
Extreme partisanship and polarization are a threat to social peace. We are confident that the American people and the government are mature enough to overcome tensions emanating from different points of views. We call on political and opinion leaders and media to act responsibly and constructively. 
As an organization with a mission to promote tolerance through interfaith and intercultural understanding, we are more than ready to facilitate and join any effort to reconcile social and political tensions through respectful dialogue. 

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