Everyone is equally entitled to human rights, yet this fact is often not realized and not everyone has a nuanced understanding of it. Not only does your perspective as a student matter, but also your actions. We would like to encourage young adults to RISE to the challenges that the human rights community is facing today.

We plan to divide our focus on this project among different themes, in order to provide an educationally rounded experience. These themes will correspond with the outline of the program, including a panel discussion, video interviews, essay conversation, and open interaction with the participants. Themes we have in mind include:

  • R: Revisit, reimagine, reorganize
  • I:  Identify, interact, impact 
  • S: Stand, support, sustain
  • E: Engage, educate, empower

Rumi Forum is interested in what the community has to say; we will release a survey in the coming weeks. Human rights should be equally focused on, as there is a value among all issues. However, the amount is too great for us to fit into our main event. The purpose of this survey is to allow us to better understand how young adults perceive human rights in the world today. Having a better idea of which subtopics students are most interested in, most exposed to, and think are most pertinent, allows us to apply our approach to the views of the community. 

In the greater scope of things, the essay contest and the survey are meant to give the youth their opportunity to contribute their thoughts and opinions. Remember to submit your essays by November 13, 2020. We want to hear and learn from you, so feel free to express yourself!

Say YES (Youth Empowered Solutions) to Human Rights – Essay Contest

Share your perspective on the unique contributions of youth to the discourse and action on human rights. The essays are expected to address contemporary issues that connect youth and human rights.

For more information about the essay contest please visit.