earthquake in Turkey

The Turkish-American community feels sad about the strong earthquake which struck eastern Turkey with a 7.2 magnitude on Sunday, October 23rd. Officials say the death toll in the powerful earthquake that hit eastern Turkey is now 432. The death count is likely to rise further as many people are still missing and 2,262 buildings have collapsed in Sunday’s 7.2-magnitude quake.
We extend our deepest condolences to the families of the victims who lost their loved ones, relatives, and friends. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone who has been affected by this terrible earthquake. We ask God Almighty to give them relief and hope in the difficult days ahead. We wish for an earliest recovery, materially and spiritually.

Currently, American Turkish Friendship Association (ATFA) and Mid Atlantic Federation of Turkic American Associations (MAFTAA) have already started a fundraising campaign for the families of the victims to rebuild their houses and provide with tents, blankets, food, water, and other needed supplies. We are collaborating with the Helping Hands Relief Foundationto send our donations to Turkey.

If you would like to donate to the victims of Van Earthquake, please direct your fund to the following bank account.

Rumi Forum is a member organization of MAFTAA

Donation Bank Account
Name of Bank: Citibank
Name of Branch: Capitol Hill
Account No.: 1 555 0672
Routing No: 254070116
Payee Name: Please make your checks payable to: “MAFTAA” and place the memo as Help
Earthquake Victims in Turkey
Payee Address: 750 First St. NE #1125 Washington, DC

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