“The aftermath of 9/11 was even worse than the attack itself”

Rumi Forum and the American Turkish Friendship Association held memorial services to mark the 10th anniversary of the September 11 terror attacks.

Attending the event, was FBI Assistant Director, James W. McJunkin, who said the aftermath of 9/11 was even worse than the attack itself.

FBI agents, scholars, academicians, and an Uyghur Turk who lost a son in the 9/11 attack, were also in attendance.

His focus was the distrust and contention that has developed betweem many Americans.

“It’s time for us to heal that and get beyond the distrust and become friends again and that’s part of these meetings and we’re proud to be part of it”, said James McJunkin,FBI Assistant Director in Washington.

The director added that one of the most overlooked issues is holding all Muslims accountable for the attacks:

“There were a lot of suspicions and false allegations brought against members of the Muslim community particularly as having been responsible for something like that.”

He continued to emphasize the importance of equity and mutual respect.

“So, for us, the real important piece of opportunities like this to get to know, not only to get to know the Turkish community, by example, but the Pakistani community, the Somalian community, and any other community that has a shared interest in making sure the United States government is fair and equitable”, he said.

The Director went on to thank the communities hosting the memorial and added that he looks forward to stronger relations in the future.

SOURCE: http://news.ebru.tv/us-news/fbi-assistant-director

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