Ali: Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, I’m Ali Aslan a Washington correspondent and columnist for Turkistan’s Aman news paper and today’s Aman news paper; it’s a pleasure to be at [Rumi] forum today for moderating a discussion with a very distinguished two colleagues of mine, from Washington post, we have Raju Narisetti as managing editor, he’s the managing editor of Washington post, where he’s responsible for all of the post online and mobile content and strategy, photo graphics and design departments, Washington post live conferences [unis] content and capital business a weekly business publication, prior to joining to post in January 2001, he was the founding editor of Mint a business daily newspaper and website in India, earlier he spent 13 years at the Wall Street journal, he earned a BA in economics and sociology from [Osmania] University [Haidarabad] and a post graduate diploma in rural management from the institute of rural management and [IB] he holds a post graduate diploma from the times of India school of journalism as well, and it’s great to be with him at the same podium, by the way he got his MA in journalism from Indiana University.

I have also one other distinguished with Washington Post, my immediate left, he’s Doug Jehl, he’s the foreign editor of Washington Post and he oversees all news coverage outside the United States, and until August 2009 Mr. Jehl was deputy Washington bureau chief of the New York Times overseeing coverage of national security matters and he lead the members of the team from the Times that won the [Pulitzer] price for international reporting in 2009 for coverage of the conflict in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Before becoming an editor Mr Jehl spent 19 years as a reporter filing stories from more than 40 countries, and as Washington correspondent for Los Angeles times he covered two presidential campaigns, the environment, war on drugs and the White House, he also covered the conflict in Panama in 1989 and the Persian Gulf War of 1991 for which he was awarded the [Jarel Ford] price for distinguished reporting on military affairs in 1992. At the New York Times beginning in 1993 Mr. Jehl served as white house correspondent as Middle East bureau chief based in Cairo, as national environmental correspondent and then as a national security correspondent specializing in intelligence matters. In 2002 Mr. Jehl was among the team from the Times that won a [Pulitzer] price for explanatory journalism for his reporting from Saudi Arabia, during the months after the September 11th attacks.

Mr Jehl graduated in 1984 from Stanford University and in 1987 from Oxford University where he earned a Masters degree in international relations and was a Rhodes Scholar. He was co-editor of [whose rather] is it, the insatiable thirst of a [IB] hungry world, published by National Geographic books in 2003. Again it’s a pleasure to be with you today, I would kindly as our guests to do some introductory remarks and then we are going to start discussion. We want this discussion to be an interactive one, so it doesn’t have to be only questions and answers, you can also make your own comments and join the discussion with us, and I will start with Raju.

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