Dr. Balchandra Mungekar, was born in a small village called Munge in the Konkan region of India to a poor Dalit (outcast) parents. Upon his graduation from College in 1965, he joined the Reserve bank of India as a clerk and has made a remarkable journey since against all odds.

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A noted economist and an educationist, he organized several grassroots efforts to provide equal economic and political opportunity to people belonging to disadvantaged groups in India.

In year 2000, Dr. Mungekar was appointed to be the Vice-Chancellor of the prestigious Mumbai University.

In 2004, he was handpicked by Dr. Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India, to be a Member of India’s Planning Commission, the top body which officially recommends a Five Year Economic and Industrial Plan for the Government of India.

Since 2009, Dr. Mungekar serves as a Member of India’s Parliament, in the Rajaya Sabha (Upper House).

Dr.Mungekar is one of the Patrons of US India Policy Institute (USIPI) and is visiting the US upon invitation. He will speak on the topic of “India’s inclusive growth imperative and the strategic partnership with the US” at public lectures organized by USIPI in New York, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Dallas, Orlando and Washington, DC.

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