Man2:    I just have a follow up to that.  Aside from the international religious freedom act as a standard, what are the other…maybe not standards –the other indicators that will drive the commissions to work on the particular country?  What is it that becomes the attention point, so to speak?

Knox Thames:    Oh, we rely a lot upon the NGO community and different religious communities to send these information since we don’t have the advantage of having the embassies to report, send cables and to monitor this stuff.  We are dependent on other sources of information.  So it is, and I encourage all of you to be in communication with us if you’re aware of problems and also be in communication with the State Department, but you do have the ability to place items on our agenda if you can give us clear and concise information that is very concrete, verifiable facts about abuses and we would welcome that.  But it’s situations of abuse that are very serious or actions through legislation I think that’s sets up as, you know, you can’t have good government policy if the laws are bad.  So I’m very interested in making sure that we’re engaged on draft legislation and laws that could really set a negative tone in the country.  For example, Tajikistan was a new edition to our watch list and what pushed it on to the list and a lot of problems for a while was they passed this really problematic religion law that was really controlling the practice of Islam and limiting the number of Mosque that could be opened and the ability for women to wear those scarf in schools but also had a very burdens in registration process for the Christian groups.  And we’re now hearing that the government is divided now but should they amend the law to pull some of that back and I can’t take credit that that’s putting them on the watch list is causing that discussion but I don’t think it hurts into they’re saying that hey there was repercussion for passing this bad law that the international community had clearly communicated was problematic.  So we’ll hope to see if they think before in a positive way there.

Interviewer:    Do you have any questions?

Woman1:    Jena, Rumi Forum.  Did you speak about India at all?

Knox Thames:    Yes.

Woman1:    Are they on the list?  And can you expand more on that?