Interviewer: Hello everyone and [IB]. So I feel very pleased to come to here as a moderator today thanks for the Rumiforum. And I hope my broken English can here some taste of China. So let me briefly introduce myself I’m a reporter I got assigned in Washington DC to cover the American new stories and but personally I consider myself having a lot of special bond with Asian region first of all I came from China, and one of the mode is that noticed one of the debatable change to the international situation in the 21st Century should be the rise of China and as China plays a more and a more important role in the economic and the political affairs in the world many experts are now evaluating the China’s influence globally and regionally and to come up with a suggestion that how other countries should adjust their own valid policies as a response so they were very lucky to have Dr. Robert Sutter he’s one of the most appraised teachers experts on the issue of China in America. And first of all Dr. Sutter is a very dedicated professor, he has been teaching in Georgetown University for over 10 years and he also teaches in George Washington University, University of Virginia and John Hopkins. And Doctor Sutter is very productive writer he has published 18 books and over 100 articles and several 100 government reports of course on the East Asian and the Pacific region, and during the past several decades of his career he has been very actively engaged in the government affairs he has worked for the congressional research service and CIA and some other government agencies.

So I think today Doctor Sutter is going to be talking about how America will remain as an influence in the Asian Pacific region where China is considered to taking leadership, and I think Doctor Sutter has done a very thorough and a long term research on this topic, for example he published his findings and analysis in a book published in 2008, the United States in Asia which is very popular publication and I know and he just came back from China and also I think 14 other Asian cities this summer and he must have a lot of new findings and analysis and he is going to share with us today. So no further a do, Doctor Sutter.

Dr. Sutter: Thanks very much it’s really a pleasure to be here and to talk with you about China’s rise and particularly China’s rise in Asia in a short of it is I look at China’s rise in Asia as an incumbered its an incumbered rise and I think this is important for Americans, its important and I think for just about anybody in the world because China has such a global reach and to understand this, in other words many people think that China is going to be ruling the world, there are books that are written about China ruling the world and I think that that’s not true. And I have a pretty solid reasoning for this and I want to run through my empirical understanding of this and so that you can consider it, and we can have a good discussion about it, my reason for doing this is I’m an American. I’ve worked with in the policy circles in the United States and in the government for over 30 years and now I’m in academic at Georgetown my reason for doing this is that I find some Americans get very excited about China. And what I found in recent years is that many think there is a power shift in Asia, a power shift where China is the rising power and its becoming the leading power, and the US used to be the leading power in Asia according to this feeling and now its in decline and so I want to see if that’s really taking place. And because if it is taking place and many Americans are aware that there are lots of differences between United States and China and because of these differences maybe now we are seeing in this power shift that China would be in a position to start coerced the United States to sort of make it do things that China has wanted them done for a long time, but hasn’t been able to do this because of the balance of power in the region and so for those Americans I want them to say maybe its too bad we have these differences with China but maybe it’s not going to happen because of the power situation, so I do think we have to look at it carefully and I’ve worked on this now or I guess about since 2002 I’ve been working on this pretty actively going to Asia talking to specialists, I’ve talked now to about 210 government officials in about 10 different Asia Pacific countries, and so it’s grounded in empirical understanding and I just want to tell, show you my findings and then we can have our discussion and I really would like your feedback and particularly if you think I’m and I’ll moderate this feedback incase I’m not correct in this regard.

First we can, I have two ways of looking at China’s incumbered rise in Asia the first is to look at China in Asia itself and the reason why Asia is so important ladies and gentlemen is for China, is that if China isn’t the leading power in Asia it’s going to be very difficult for China to be the leading power somewhere else, I mean how can they be the leading power in Africa, in Latin America or Europe or the Middle East if they have to watch their back in Asia, and this group that we are dealing with today which I’m very grateful to be here with Rumiforum is focus on Turkey. Turkey understands what it means to be surrounded by countries that they are wary of and China unfortunately is in that situation. This is not a situation of the countries in willingly going along with China’s rise it’s a very conflicted situation. So we are going to get into this in our discussion.

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