For example he was telling many Muslims even educated and conscious ones believes it is [???] to undermine Islam, every more [???] methods and he is speaking a lot [???] prejudices and biases from Muslim side, but he also speaks very strongly about negative perceptions of Muslims.  For example he is telling this negative image has been fed [???] and now we must once more communicate the essential [???] of Islam.  So he is telling there are lot of misunderstanding, there are lot of negative perceptions, which come of course historically, which come of course with mass media, which is feeding this negative perceptions a lot and it is also, he is speaking about the scope of this program.  It is not just relations between Muslim and non-Muslim, there is a whole scope, increasing framework of negativity between different communities.  Even the – if we see statistics we can see that the amount of conflicts especially violent conflicts decreased after the fall of Soviet Union because the cold war system was destroyed and amount of conflicts really went down.  But in the same way we see that civilian devastation was the topic, which I started strongly and by the way if you are interested in civilian devastation, I mean why civilians are killed in conflicts, next week I will have a presentation.  I will [???] somebody to give more information or [???] with my colleague on why [???] on civilian devastation.  We explore different models how civilians become a target and will those become increasingly target.  If during World War I, civilians only 10% of civilians were killed, now 90% of civilians are killed.  Now it is more safe to be in the military than to be civilians so there is increasingly as Gulen [???] diverse group within communities [???] this apparently endless anger, hatred and devastation.  And this is important, this is to deal with context of relations between Muslim and non-Muslim population also.

Next one in the Gulen writings is issues that people neglect the positive sides of human relations, human [???].  He is right and it seems that we have forgotten how to act like human beings because [???] you produce evil in our source.  And he is very strong [???] about how people become more and [???] far from the ideas of love which [???] penetrates [???] penetrates all our life and it is also lead to misperceptions and the most important attribution of aggressive intensions because then we do not like [???] and we do not trust [???].  The next in our [???] attribute to them some negative intentions.  So it was started a lot in social sciences explaining the whole process of [???] attribution [???] it was really glad to find the [???] writing of Gulen how he from his view [???] that this absence of love, this hatred and [???] of people really leads to this misperceptions and attribution on negative things [???].  Next he is speaking about prevalence of emotions [???] vision.  He told that people who [???] by hate, they could not think rationally.  To think, to understand [???] in its reality to deal with the objective in your judgments, you need to have rationale mind.  It is impossible if you are possessed by negative emotions.  He is writing, so many of us act upon our emotions and abundant rational thinking.  We trample and silence those who do not feel the same as us and this is really, really important, his [???] that we are not ready to speak to [???].  We are not interested in their opinions.  [???] interesting it is to promote and establish and justify our own positions and actions.  We are not ready to listen [???] as a people are talking to us because our emotions prohibits us, impede our opportunity to think rationally and thinking like in [???] dialogue types of [???] and one more issue, which Gulen is really stressing in his writings and people [???] open to inspirations of common level goals.  They have self-pride, they have vanity, they concentrate in material interest, so ideas of building peace, building positive relationship is no more there.  And of course with issues of economic crisis I didn’t find anything yet in his writing about if he is addressing the whole issue of economic crisis, but I believe it [???] very [???] probably very essential to his writing to show that in suggestion of economic crisis this negative perceptions of [???] will increase because we are now in competition with them and it is evident everywhere in [???].