There is [???] you remember [???] there is a very important opportunity of people to change [???] for good and dialogue is one of the tools, which we can use for this ability to [???] of people to come together, forget about previous conflict and understand and [???] noble goal.  The question is can we negotiate how we can go to dialogue and can we negotiate different identities, know how identities are important, we know how identities contributed to conflict.  People already from, unfortunately conflict starters will know that people are ready to kill each other just because people belong to different identity.  Even knowing [???] without even knowing why this person or this did person – was this person involved in some conflict or not.  People were ready to kill people just because they belong to particular identity or particular social category and examples unfortunately, striking for example you know, in Iran there are people that are killing each other.  They are not bad people.  People will go in every single day for job, job of killing, they have breakfast with their children and they were going and they had [???] to kill one hundred people a day and then they are going back to their family and celebrated [???].  And not [???] know how many people were doing the same, but we couldn’t tell they were evil people.  It was a propaganda, manipulation of their identity [???] they are also victimized because if you become a perpetrator, you are also victimized, we could not justify them.  We know that there are a lot of people who resisted and we pride this people, we respect this people, we respect them as heroes, but those people who submitted to manipulation, those people who [???] submitted to justification of evil actions.  They are not evil in their own thinking, it is just the whole process was organized and they write a lot about it, they have several books which go deeper, just don’t have time to do [???] processes, which lead people to submission for such particular [???] and they believe [???] is always these black and white sides and they believe it is noble to kill others.

Can this be possible to negotiate?  Is it possible to do something in such situations that people are ready to kill each other, sacrifice their lives?  Can dialogue [???] as a tool for reconciling identity differences can we do it?  And answer is yes we can and to do it we really need to develop this fusion again of western theories and ideas from Gulen movement and some other movements.  And there are two reasons for it, first of all, identities are not [???] like [???] resources, they are created.  If they are created for bad, we can create them for good and they socially construct it.  so they can be reconstructed and redefined.  Of course there are some elements of social identity, which is very hard to discuss and negotiate.  For example fees, attachment to [???] history, commitment to culture and religion, but we still can discuss it in dialogue.  So dialogue about identities, does not require acceptant [???] phase of life as Gulen was telling us.  There is no trouble with assimilation. It also gives opportunity to distant beliefs, ideas and positions of others and it is also [???] common in us.  Love of God, devotion to sacred ideas, commitment to believes, it can be religious beliefs or even some other beliefs if people are not religious, but there are, even people believe in good and they believe in noble goal of changes [???] this is what unite us, which should be the most important approach.  So what Gulen is telling us, what [???] steps in conflict resolution and dialogue as a tool of conflict resolution.  First of all is step number one, we should acknowledge and recognize positive sides of humanity.  People have to recognize and accept their [???] with nature and this is the first step, you could not start dialogues [???] in your life, in your heart [???].  You have to acknowledge that we are good and Gulen [???] very profoundly stressing that everywhere, we have to understand that we are people who are devoted to love.

For example his writing, I came and I do [???] peace, love and forgiveness and tolerance are fundamental to Islam and to human life and this is very important, we are speaking about, we have to change perceptions of people, we are in conflict [???] that we are peaceful people.  We have to develop this way of tolerance, open mindedness and it is not so easy.  Then I was doing research in Muslim island, I was asking people who live near the [???] and every day throwing stones or bottles around the [???] and hope they will kill somebody on the other side and then you see another part of island, wonderful Muslim island that has no hate, people live together in communities and then you ask why you are living here? And you know, I was shocked by the answer, people told me because it is who we are.  It is because if we believe we will not fight, [???] us anywhere.  We have to fight because it is who we are, it is part of our life and this is very important to change and Gulen providing wonderful [???] and ideas how to promote this space of love and peace as a self-perception.  We have to start with our self-perception and he is speaking that we have developed this peaceful self-concept and changing it a little bit for social psychology speaking about love and [???] we are speaking about peaceful [???] concept and positive perceptions of [???].  Second step in dialogue is acknowledgment of common values, needs and goals and acceptance of this common needs and goals.  We have to respect religion, we have to satisfy values of all religious groups and again sometimes [???] people were just united by the noble goal, it could be religional, it can be noble goal of positive change [???] and for example Gulen [???] for interface dialogue to succeed we must forget the past, ignore [???] focus on common points and you remember we discussed the uses of theory of common identity, where it is really idea of Gulen and social psychology come into play when two succeed in dialogue after developing this positive perception of [???] about commonality would unite us, would make us opportunity to be together and step number 3 till we develop this common [???] identity, which establish foundation for common actions toward the noble goal of peace.  If we develop this [???] identity it will be much easier for us because [???] there will be no divide between groups anymore and it would give us opportunity to discuss different aspects of common goal of positive change.  We can speak about and it could be different opportunities, it could be geographic locations, just geographically together.  It could be common national idea.  It could be share it community programs.  We did a lot of work in [???] for example to unite [???] for religious leaders from different faith to come together instead of promoting negativity [???] to come together and address local issues of absence of water [???] school or something.  So religiously it has become real agents of change in their community together.  So would dialogue [???] from past opposition to mutual understanding [???] and acceptance of common goal and it is also given us opportunity to unite this concept of peaceful we with devotion to mutual goal of peace what Gulen is stressing and to end I just want to use one of his, my favorite phrase, and actually [???] to conclude is [???] one of his article.  To conclude good intentions, positive thinking and [???] beautiful are science of [???] purity of heart and the immensity of their conscious.  Thank you.