Just look what governments have come in now in Europe.  Every single government, which is elected now is more and more conservatives than previous one especially toward immigrants, especially toward people of different face and so on.  What are implications of all of this for human behavior?  What happens if we think in such a way?  What happens if we [???] in particular way?  And he told that what happened that we see prevalence of differences and mid perceptions in people’s minds and it is really [???] actions and such results of negative perceptions filled with hate and violent actions are [???] and some other [???] which sometimes called [???] sometimes called sacrifice, but all these actions are really come in from this inability to think and open heart on [???].  And Gulen stressing everywhere, people are not capable of working together toward achievement of noble goal of peace.  People just do not see it as a possibility for them.  So why we can do it, what is the role of mankind, which how Gulen states the role of mankind.  He told that mankind possess positive creative force, but are not just part of the [???].  People who create [???] and God given people opportunity to recreate and make road better.  We are not just somebody who is full in creation, ideas of creation, we are creating it ourselves and people can bring positive change, can transform [???] and [???] can become better place, rest in unity and human beings and also Gulen [???] it is also unity between human beings and also unity between the [???] and human beings so he is speaking about different levels of it.  Moreover, it is not very strongly prominent in his writing, but we still confined very interesting ideas is probably the most recent writings is building or [???] piece as a noble goal.

Idea of noble goal, it is very prominent in Gulen writing, but recently I found one more connection in his thinking between peace building, developing positive relations between people as a noble goal.  And what is noble goal? It is usually devotion to positive transformation of [???].  If you really devout yourself for this positive transformations to become noble and people should, Gulen is telling that people should be safe with in putting this noble goal above their own aim and inspirations.  What is important is that this noble goal is responsibility for common [???] and it is very important for humanity.  So how we can – what we can do in this? How we can find here [???] problem, when [???] of humanity, human people really have ability that God gave people opportunity to be creative, positive creative and change you all for the better, what can we do?  What can be done and here we look for fusion of Gulen ideas and current ideas from western societies.  I just give really few ideas about what can be useful, for example in social psychology there is so called contact theory, which is telling us that the more contact was representative of other cultures we have the easier for us to understand them to communicate with them, to be able to understand towards the [???] how they behave, but what is also important that current research on contact theory, which is pretty old one, started 1954 from old [???] research, but current research shows there are some very important requirements for such contact theory.  You cannot just bring people together expect that they will love each other and they will be in friendship.  First of all it is important that it should be equal status of people who are in contact.  You could not bring people who do not have power, do not have resources together with people who have everything and then expect that they [???] peace and [???] of course not, this has to be equal status between groups.  It have to be also [???] interdependence.