Now with these phenomena of non-state violence and religious fundamentalism is worldwide, we’ve seen it everywhere.  The most prominent example today the one that occupies most of the media, the one that is most preoccupied.  The one that unfortunately we tend to think of them – we think of political terrorism is what’s coming out of Islam in the Muslim world.  This is not surprising when we consider that one-third of world’s population are Muslims, that 40 or so countries are very prominently Islamic communities, Islamic culture and many of those countries are suffering from extreme degrees of political and economic instability, unhappiness in various respects.  They are going through enormous change.  So we’re getting an Al-Qaida just represents the most traumatic aspect of it.  We’re focusing to a large degree on this problem.  Religious fundamentalism, political insurgency, political [IB] and extreme political violence in the Islamic world because it form such a large part of the world where in; however, looking at this, we must make clear distinctions between Islam as a faith, Islamism as a political movement and radical Islamic Jihads whatever you wanna call it.  There’s so many [IB] which is in extreme end of that spectrum.  Again as we must point out, we must be very careful between situations where people are using Islamic terminology as the justification, as the idiom of their militancy as distinct from it being the source of their militancy.  Another aspect of it which has caused enormous concern and much we’ve react to is the question of suicide terrorism.  It’s a special question because the single most dramatic development of terrorism of the last 10 years or so.  It is extraordinarily effective, it has shaken all of us enormously, I repeat, if terrorism is drama and suicide terrorism is high drama which grabs everyone’s interest into its extraordinary degree.  Now the specific, particular, secure and strategic goal of those who use suicide terrorism is to compel governments to withdraw military forces involvement and activity from territory considered by those who use it to be theirs.  This tactic is specially significant and effective when dealing with democracy.  There is the openness of discussion in democracies, the role of the media in democracies.  The media loves drama, media loves drama and the fact that publics and democracies will make their feelings known and will affect government behavior.  So suicide and terror is a way to shock and influence.  Democratic governments are strongly affected; let us not forget the Spanish government which pulled its troops out of Iraq as a result of a terrorist incident in Madrid.  So we have this terribly effective technique but it isn’t – we must remember that it is not necessarily religious.  The most effective precursor movement in the use of suicide terrorism where the Tamil tigers in Sri Lanka who were Tamil, nationalists, Marxist-Leninist group.  They, in the 80s and 90s, the tigers developed much of the techniques in the use of terrorism, suicide terrorism being used by Al-Qaida and other groups.  The famous dynamite jacket was invented by the Tamil tigers in the early 90s.