Bronwyn: Sure.

Moderator: Okay. Sure.

Audience4: My name is Dave [IB]. I’m with Universal TV in North America. I wanted just to make a point which is you mentioned earlier, you said Sheikh Sharif government, it belonged to one clan. I believe Sheikh Sharif government will be held up in [IB]. It based 4.5, which is it means suits everybody. Somali clan has in it. Can you just specifically explain why you mean that? And for that, thank you.

Bronwyn: Sure.

Audience5: My question is actually a follow up to the question of the gentleman that I really buy very much into your idea of constructive disengagement and how most of the intervention should be based on humanitarian development. However, from experience from Iraq and Afghanistan the binding constraints really is to secure the situation and any humanitarian/developmental intervention would require a huge chunk of the budget to be allocated to the military, and you like it or not we might still end up with another Iraq or another Afghanistan just because of the nature of the problem. So do you think that can be avoidable?

Bronwyn: Yeah, absolutely. Those are great questions. And you can help me answer them if you want to…

Moderator: Sure. Okay. Sure. Well, tackling the piracy question first. I think you’re right. I mean, that you look at the length of the coastline and you realize the size of the problem although to be fair it is in concentrated and specific areas. One of the original motivations of the pirates claim was that they were trying to protect their fishing stocks from illegal fishing. You know, these trollers from many parts of the world; fishing off the coast of Somalia and literally taking away Somalia’s resources from under its noses. So it’s interesting that the international community and it became interested in the offshore at parts of Somali when the piracy started and that they’ve done very little…you know, they’d be very proactive in tackling piracy and failure effective I would say, but yet they have completely uninterested in tackling one of the underlying issues which is illegal fishing. So I think the international community should make more of an over effort to at least show their tackling this issue. And then perhaps you might encourage Somalis to a very optimistic aim but maybe you would, stocks would be replenished and Somalis would be more encouraged to take up fishing again.