Moderator: Let’s turn now to the TFG, the Transitional Federal Government which the US is supporting along with other nations in the region but the UN another organization. Can you explain to me why that in your view that’s such a failed organization and why we really seemed no prospect for them gaining ground and on widespread support in Somalia? Why are they doomed to failure in your view?

Bronwyn: Yeah. It’s very fashionable when you talk about Somalia to point out the fact that there have been 14 or 15 reconciliation attempts and attempts to construct a government in the country. There’s a great Somali group that’s recently been a debunking of that number, which is fantastic. But the fact remains that there has been a lot of efforts to try to create a government and they’ve always failed, and the simple reason is that the things we talked about in the beginning, the land seizures and clan conflicts are unresolved. And until they’re resolved, the government in Somalia is primarily going to be seen as the means for one group to capture resources from everybody else and that’s really the case with Sheikh Sharif’s government which has now become perceived as dominated by a single clan. And on top of that, the TFG are very much like the Shabaab. It’s not a cohesive entity. It doesn’t have a political ideology that’s coherent, it just is really a coalition of fortune. These guys are working together because the international community is funneling power and money to them, and when that stops, they’re going to fall apart.

Moderator: Do you think your calling time on them too early in some respects? I mean, the latest formation of the TFG is a bit broader than the previous one, Sheikh Sharif took office, I supposed you could say. More than a year ago now, people at that time predicted he wouldn’t still be here today, he still is; and only recently a more moderate, I guess, Sufi-inspired Islamic group here has joined forces with the TFG as well and said that it is willing to fight Shabaab and other extremists groups. So in some ways, the TFG is a little bit broader in scope than it was maybe, definitely a couple of years ago. Do you think are we being too quick to say [IB] prospects of them taking control in Somalia?