Miriam Achenbach, Librarian at Georgetown University, talking about her trip to Turkey with RumiForum:

Miriam Achenbach

My name is Miriam Achenbach. I am a librarian at Georgetown University, and was previously a public librarian for almost twenty years. The first thing came to mind when you asked about our thoughts on the trip were that it offered an incredible range for learning that we could learn every moment that we were engaged in the trip about ourselves, about each other, about the country, that I am someone who needs a lot of time to digest things that was not really possible on this trip. So I think when I get home I will be doing a lot of thinking and cogitating as a friend of mine says, and umm, thank you again for all your help today, yesterday, throughout the whole trip; and I wanted to say that if you needed anybody to pick people up at the airport, no I am serious, people who speak English, because obviously I can speak to it anybody in another language, I will be happy to do that.