Brenda Bearden of Center for Language Education and Development, the Georgetown University, sharing her thoughts on the RumiForum trip to Turkey:

Brenda Bearden

I am Brenda Bearden from Georgetown University where I teach English and I train teachers of English. So not to be repetitive, I think we all second Amira’s feelings about the trip, all positives. I just would like to make two comments from my own personal perspective, first as a teacher. We have been extremely impressed with the quality of your educational programs and your facilities. Speaking with the teachers and administrators throughout this trip all the schools we visited; we have really been encouraged that you have done a fantastic job and will be and are all graduating the leaders of Turkey, and they will make you proud.

Secondly, as a female who lived through, worked through and succeeded in an environment where females were not equal to males. Having sacrificed quite a bit during that time and attained an equal status with male executives, it is difficult for me to see young females putting obstacles in their career path, and I realized that the tensions they feel between making that choice and expressing their religious views is tremendous, but it is hurtful. I just see that big big big obstacle for all of them that. If I could wash it away I would but I hope that somehow together we can all find a way to make that path all easy.