Michael Talbert, Elder at Burke Presbyterian Church, sharing his experience in Turkey during a trip with RumiForum:

Michael Talbert

My name is Michael Talbert. I am an Elder at Burke Presbyterian Church in Burke, Virginia. I spent, in my working career; a lot of time oversees mostly involved with various international development projects. I was quite excited about the idea coming back to Turkey. I was here in 1997 for a few days in Istanbul. We have to say that the first thing I have a comment on this trip is the people I was traveling with. You couldn’t imagine a more delightful group of to be on the road day and night. I thank everyone for that.

The other thing is every Turk that I met, and I have to say, even the ones in the Bazaar, was nice. They were a little pushy in the Bazaar but very nice. (laughs) and but all things considered I mean even they when you have to say were polite and friendly. I think that the warmth of the people and their interest in us; Father Ed will be able to speak more specifically about the warmth and interest in us in his comments, but it was one of the nicest photographs I have from the trip is one of him with eight or nine boys crowded around him all happy to be with this Franciscan priest. The sites are extraordinary and the food is fabulous! I can go on for very long time but I suppose I have said more than I should so I wanna thank everyone here but mostly I want to thank you Ali, I want to thank the RumiForum and tell you this has been an extraordinary experience.