Paul Jersild, Theologian and Author, sharing his experience in Turkey during a trip with RumiForum:

Paul Jersild

I am Paul Jersid, a retired Professor of Ethics at The Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary in Columbia South Carolina. I live in Norfolk. I will certainly echo everything my wife has said. One point that I might just raise is; although you have to recognize that a decrepit retired fellow is making the point; but sometimes I thought that the schedule was too hectic. We could have eliminated may be one event every other day.

Something like that! Hah hah! I don’t know! At the same time we would have missed … this is the eliminated version… (laughs)… oh dear! (laughs)… I appreciated all of our stops but particularly meaningful for me was the Cappadocia day, and seeing that Monastic community and associating it with the great names of Basil and the two Gregory’s. I had not expected that. I hadn’t realized we were going to actually see that site, so that was really very nice, and the Ephesus ruins too was the real highlights. And let me just reiterate the enjoyment of the fellowshipping with the people who are here. I think that this kind of an event attracts people who are going to be interesting, because it is an invitation to get outside of your own middle runts and to reach out to people who have been very strange to us. That’s a learning and a growing experience and people who are willing to that are important people so that’s..