Marilyn Jersild sharing her experience in Turkey during a trip with RumiForum:

Marilyn Jersild

I am Marilyn Jersild from Norfolk Virginia. I first of all want to say to the RumiForum people: thank you again for all of this! It was wonderful meeting to all staff and all the people on this trip as many have said again, that’s been a real highpoint, and all the good conversations we had. I am very grateful that you allow the couple of 75 year olds to come along. (laughs) We debated for a while if we are up to this but it’s been wonderful and even though the pace has been hectic, we did it, so it has been good. I especially was fascinated and happy to learn to more about the whole political scene here in Turkey. It has been very complex, not easily understood by us, and so it was very helpful to be exposed to everything that you are doing here.