Audience 2:    And also about [IB] the deep state situation.  So if you could speak about that.  And then, also you would speak about those member states that are positive about Turkey’s EU membership as well.  Thank you.

Interviewee:    Well to answer the 2nd question first, I think the most interesting one of course is Sweden.  Because Sweden as a couple of days ago is now in the EU presidency, and that means that they will have a leading role in EU foreign policy.  And in fact, it has caused some tension between Paris and Stockholm because of the Swiss are quite blunt.

Interviewer:    All right.

Interviewee:    That they would like to see this move forward.  I think that this is of great advantage because I think that as we head toward some of these deadlines at the end of 2009 and as we have a push for Cypress settlement.  On the Cypress issue, we’ve been in this awkward situation since Cypress joined the union where American policymakers look at the EU and say well, Cypress is in the union.  You should be able to solve this now.  And the EU looks at the United States and says they’re in the union, that means they have a veto, so we cannot solve it.  But the Swiss seemed determined to try and push everyone together and really do the last push on the Cypress issue over.  They will be in office until December 31, 2009.  So I think that’s one thing.  I think they are taking an extremely constructive attitude towards this.  Some of the new members are also in favour of Turkeys joining, but they also have their own issues and problems inside.  And the UK of course has been in favour.  On Turkish domestic plots, if I can put it that way, I’m less familiar with the letters.  I didn’t hear that much about that.  I have heard some concerns expressed about [IB].  The idea of a plot that comes out the deep state, if I can put it that way, is not outside the room of possibilities.  The threat of arrests in the way they widened over several months has raised some concerns, but not huge concerns.  I think everyone is waiting to see what is the evidence against specific individuals and how does this progress.  What I did hear was also concerned about the government’s attitude toward dawn media.  I think that this is actually the issue that is likely to cause more concern.  Because in many cases, the tax levies are seen as unjust and it’s seen as an issue of was dawn media more critical of the government, and therefore found itself in this situation.  So I think you will see more European concerns expressed about those types of things.