Interviewer:    Hold out, yes.

Interviewee:    Hold out, I think, you know.  I mean, I think that’s the way it’s likely to be.

Audience 4:    Okay.

Interviewer:    Thank you.

Audience 4:    Thank you.

Interviewer:    Fran, staying with Sarkozy, [IB] knows attitude – has he in fact formally offered a diluted form of association, membership for Turkey?

Interviewee:    Both he and Angela Merkel have been indicated that, that would be very discussing.  And in fact, it would be…

Interviewer:    Really?

Interviewee:    …an option that they would consider.  Now, have they said here’s the proposal, and this is what we would do.  And we are ready to sign if you agree to this.  No!

Interviewer:    They [IB] the idea?

Interviewee:    They [IB] with the idea, yes.

Interviewer:    I see.

Interviewee:    Yeah.

Interviewer:    And somebody mentioned Turkey being a great agricultural country.

Interviewee:    Yes.