Audience 4:    Okay, alright.  And what was his excuse – his reason for just…?

Interviewee:    Those chapters are only for members.  If you take 35 chapters, and you think that for example only the member state should have the Euro, then you can differentiate between those who have a potential to be members and those who do not.  If you think of this, and I think many Europeans would like Turkey to have some kind of close relationship, not just to be in other country, that’s not in the union, but some kind of privilege partnership to use the phrase that I know many Turks don’t like. Then for example, Turkey could adopt many of this laws.

Interviewer:    Uh-hmm.

Interviewee:    But then they would not have to adopt some of the core ones that have to do with having a seat on the European Central Bank for example.  Now for Turkey, the issue is do you adopt all those laws and then you don’t have a seat at the table?

Interviewer:    Uh-hmm.

Interviewee:    That’s very good question.  So, that’s something that Turkey will have to think about and Europe will have to think about.

Audience 4:    And just a follow-up.  Did I hear you correctly, it’s perhaps an intuition that if Cypress falls, the Cypress settles, that Sarkozy wouldn’t have a [IB] that if you make peace with Cypress then everything [IB] and…?

Interviewee:    No.  He could still block because his rational is that these 4 chapters are only for members and that Turkey can negotiate as much as it wants, and it won’t be a member, so we can only negotiate the others.  But if Cypress is settled, they will start to change the balance of opinion.

Interviewer:    Uh-hmm.

Interviewee:    He will be the last [laughing].